Our Story and A Thank You To Our Camp Compost Community

Camp Compost started with three strangers that serendipitously met at an event, united by a shared passion for compost, soil health, and fostering community connections. As if orchestrated by fate itself, the stars aligned, and Camp Compost was born. Our mission for the event is to provide people with the means to use regenerative techniques that nourish the land and the soul in order to bring about positive transformations in their bodies, minds, and soil.

In the creation of Camp Compost, we envisioned a sacred haven where one could experience a profound connection with the environment, recognizing our roles as stewards of the land and our greater purpose as human beings. Our goal is to foster an environment that encourages personal development and expansion while exchanging ideas, expertise, and experiences.

As we begin our fourth year, Camp Compost serves as a monument to the amazing synergy of a hardworking and brilliant community. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude as we consider the amazing people who give of their time and energy to make this event possible. With deep appreciation, we extend our thanks to the vibrant community that graces us each year, sharing their unique passions and skill sets and enriching the collective consciousness of Camp Compost.

Your Hosts

Chandler - Jet House Gardens
Chandler - Jet House Gardens & Wormies
Losha and Alexa - Hypha Organics
Mike & Sarah Freund
Mike & Sarah Freund - Kuleana Consulting

Thinking About Coming To Camp Compost?

We'd love to see you this August at Camp Compost! Whether you're thinking about coming up for just a day or camping the weekend, we have all the details you'll need for your adventure!

What To Expect

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